About BridgeLite Consulting


“Can’t see the forest for the trees …”


We all get stuck at some time or another. Sometimes it makes sense to bring in a fresh set of eyes to move through barriers and daunting obstacles.

BridgeLite provides connected services in the areas of:

  • Coaching tailored for individual and team needs – Executive, Career, Professional, Life, and Group Coaching is offered. Packages and options are provided to meet your specific needs and goals.
  • Change Management Consulting including how to accelerate and navigate the “transition zone” and ensure the change sticks. Strategic Planning, Program and Project implementation are provided in ways fitting your organization. When outcomes are critical, speed is essential, and the plan has to stick the first time, we partner with you to deliver “turbo-charged” change.
  • Leadership Development and Training with an emphasis on Servant Leadership and how to successfully and authentically utilize servant-leadership model regardless of circumstances.
  • Team-building events that deliver effective, memorable experiences long after the event. Our team-building sessions foster communication and create new ways to work as a team, driving results.
  • Facilitation provides leaders the opportunity to maximize offsite time for the teams and for themselves.   Boards, corporate leadership teams, non-profits, churches, and schools find partnering with us allows them to focus on content while we do the navigational ‘heavy lifting’ for the event.
  • Organizational strategy assessment and realigning can help you fine tune your organization. We partner with you to leverage strengths, uncover blind spots, minimize areas of risk, and create a plan for the future to optimize your success.