Change Management

“There is nothing wrong with change…

if it is in the right direction.”

—Winston Churchill

Many times change is desired when there is a sense something must be better or different to excel or survive. Sometimes change is mandated from outside influences and the only choice is how to respond.

Regardless of the reason, change management is a big topic and challenging for many of us.

BridgeLite delivers turbo-charged change. When outcomes are critical, speed is essential, and the change has to stick the first time, we deliver.


BridgeLite offers the following Change Management Services:

  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • Organizational Strategy and Organizational Effectiveness – Start up or restructure of organizational responsibilities, individual roles, team accountability with results metrics.
  • Performance Excellence & Improvement
  • New Initiative/Project Roll Out


We drive turbo-charged change by utilizing guiding principles we found highly effective in change management projects: 

We keep it simple.

Our services embrace simplicity in the design. From partnering to create a change roadmap, to providing complete end to end management; our approach provides clarity and results. Remembering that simple does not necessarily equal easy, each step in the process is contoured to reinforce the new direction and avoid the undesired “boomerang effect.”


We pay attention to the “Transition Zone.”

Once it is clear that change is required, how the transition occurs from “here” to “there” makes all the difference. Imagine driving a car 100 miles on a bumpy, pothole-filled, dirt road as opposed to traveling the same distance on a smoothly paved, multi-lane freeway. Both roads arrive at the same destination, but the experience on each will be quite different. The same holds true for organizations being asked to change. How the change happens, the transition process for the change required is vital to a successful implementation.


Our plans are structured, but not “cookie cutter.”

We ask questions before proposing solutions. We create a template for change that reflects your challenges, environment, and unique requirements.


We use spiral methodology, a 3 Dimensional model coined “the Integrated Curly Fry.”

Our spiral model weaves the following elements together throughout the change process: emotional, behavioral, process, communications, leader actions, implementation maps, and check-back steps. All components uniquely integrate to effectively move organizations from where you are, to where you need to be.


Contact us to discuss options and obtain a quote for services – sized properly for where you are and where you want or need to be.


“The real art of conducting exists in transitions.”

-Gustav Mahler