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Kick Out the Lies Webcast

Join Holley Gerth and Denise Martin as we Kick Out Lies that hold us back from our God Sized Dreams.

We all hear the sneaky whispers…
You’re not enough.
You’re not really loved.
You don’t have what it takes.
But here’s the truth…
You’re all you need to be.
You’re not alone.
You have everything you need to fulfill God’s purpose for your life.

As Holley says, “You don’t have to live with the lies anymore. It’s time to put on your pointy-toed, Big-Girl shoes and kick them to the curb. Yes, ma’am.”



Transitions-Where to Go From Here?Transitions Series Webcasts

Join 3 bestselling authors, Lauraine Snelling, Mary DeMuth and Holley Gerth in FREE webcasts as they share insights and knowledge. Each offers the opportunity to connect and share experiences from their lives and writings. Download now to connect with these heartwarming, inspiring, and dynamic voices.




Tree in winter or springFree Reference Guide for

Driving Turbo-Charged Change in an Organization

Not an eBook or project template, but a quick reference guide to help you remember all the major areas to to think about when driving turbo-charged change.