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June 21, 2010

Ever Feel Like This??

Ever wonder how you got so twisted up, paralyzed in your current role, position, or profession that it seems like no moves are possible?

Trapped.  No where to go. Wanting to run away, but knowing you can’t.

It happens.   But what to do about it?


Recognize that  it’s temporary. No need to panic. If you were able to get ” into the box” you can get out.


Reach out to someone that can provide a new and fresh perspective. Trusted adviser, mentor, professional coach.


You don’t have to catapult out in one giant, exhausting leap. It takes several moves to tangle-up in a box, usually several to get out.

People are  increasingly declaring a desire to change: jobs, industries, migrate from high tech to non-profit.  They want their contributions to matter, to make a difference.

Then, anxiety descends. Fear grips. Dark nagging voices start with a whisper and increase in volume and frequency.

Under the guise of being practical and logical, nasty, subtle, fear-induced phrases continue to swell and twist each contortion into another compressing, mind numbing stance. The sensible, reasonable “Buts”…


“I’m too old to switch. It’s too late.”

“I don’t have the right degree.”

“The economy is still too weak.”

Don’t listen to the” Buts”.

Review and update your resume  for where you want to go.

Re-kindle your network.

Trust your heart .

Focus on what you can do  –  it will shift your perspective.

Create a step-by-step plan that is doable and not overwhelming.

Share your plan with someone you trust to gain feedback and confidence.

Let go of the fear – take the first step out.

You can do it.

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