It’s Not Easy Being Green…

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You ever notice that there’s a lot of pressure to be, well – something?

Be better, be the best, top of the class, stack ranked #1, be visible, be appreciated

Or to get something?

Get promoted, get a job, get a better job, get a better commute, get noticed!

For today, what if you take a minute to just be grateful that you are YOU? What if just for today, you take a rest – a time out from all the “being” and “getting” to be comfortable in your own skin?  Even if green and not so easy as Kermit says.. Will you take a moment to rest in knowing YOU:

Are Skilled,


Make a difference to people around you – maybe in ways you don’t even notice.

Many times the biggest gift we give others is the gift of being ordinary and letting others be ordinary along side with us.

Can you join Kermit and me for a few minutes of resting and comfort in – well being green?


Do you Have the Courage to be Vulnerable?

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AuthenticVulnerable. Exposed.

Hate these words? Most people say they do.

They don’t want to look bad in front of people they work with or lead.

They say, “I don’t want to look silly, stupid – be called a fool.”

Most team members already know who you are. They know what you can do and can’t do – what you’re good at and where you struggle. So why pretend?

At what point do we finally “give in” and just be who we are? Own our strengths and weaknesses, then mesh with others strengths and weaknesses to create something truly special?

In teams, being authentic and real with team members requires self awareness, vulnerability and – the big one –  authenticity. The hardest? I gotta think Vulnerability. And without it, how can anyone truly be authentic? It’s all tied.

Vulnerability has presented some of the biggest biggest roadblocks for some of the best leaders I know. I think their ability to take it head on and embrace it has made the difference. One of the best explanations I’ve heard about the Power of Vulnerability comes from Dr Brené Brown. Funny, practical, authentic, and an expert in her field, she provides insight and clarity about vulnerability and the power of it in all aspects of our lives (not just business).

 Brené Brown, Ph.D., LMSW (more…)

Leadership: The Muffin-Top Deluision

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Graphic by Antony Bennison

Yesterday I did it again. Went too far. Asked the question that didn’t need to be asked.

My son just finished a book report. (Always a fun family project) and we were discussing symbols.

I asked him, “if you were to choose a symbol that represents who you are now, what would it be and why?”

He thought for a minute and answered, “a flame.”

He then explained why he chose it with insight and depth I didn’t expected from a fifth grader.

In my surprise – I fell prey to my own curiosity and took it to the next level, not heeding the little voice warning me not to go there… I went there.

“If you were to guess what symbol I would chose, not just as your mom but who I am deep down, what would you guess I’d pick?”

He barely paused. “A muffin top.” He choked through his laugh.

Yes. Of course I was mature. Gave him a playful punch in the arm and wrestled him to prove I am “skinny-tough enough” to still take him. But then had to look in the mirror. How bad is that “muffin-top?” Am I kidding myself? Not seeing what the kid sees? (more…)

Change: A Broccoli Eating Contest?

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Sometimes there are things in my business I don’t want to do. You know what I mean? If you’re a procrastinator (like I am) it’s those tasks you save for last in case you really do run out of time and won’t have to deal with them. For me, it’s the ones that require focused quiet time and zero interaction with anyone else. Like documentation, accounting, paperwork. Yuck.

I look for a way out. I start to think – Hey, I’m creative, I’m an entrepreneur. I bet I can find someone to delegate this to. I look around to see who’s there only to end up pointing at my own chest.

Once I tried to farm out a particularly distasteful task to a grumpy looking woman peering at me in the bathroom mirror. She just shook her head and gave me one of her disapproving, thin-lipped smiles. It didn’t work. I even tried to catch the eyes of what appeared to be a team of people in the corner of the mirror – at the seam, but they were too wiggly. Pointless to get them to take anything.

Broccoli motivator for changeSo! I’m trying something new. Coach myself like I would you. Influence myself to re-frame the issue and tackle it. Sounds easy you say? Not for a well practiced procrastinator. I have to link this to something. Something that will change my mind and behavior. I think I found it. Broccoli.

I’ve decided that grappling with unpleasant tasks is like eating broccoli. My dad told me years ago, it’s the only veggie a person can solely live on. While I was disappointed that chocolate didn’t have these same characteristics, it’s a good factoid to know about the itty-bitty trees on my plate.

I actually like these little crowns as green veggies go, so this might work. I invite you to try it with me. Who knows? Maybe this will help you too.

Step 1 –  I only have to do 20% of this task in my day so the other 80% is really awesome.

Just like, I only have to eat 1 cup of broccoli to get three phytonutrients (the words all begin with the first syllable of gluco and I can’t pronounce any of them) that work together in a unique way to aid the body in detoxification. If you want to see the real words and true facts. Check out The World’s Healthiest Foods and their blog post on Broccoli.

I saw it on the internet, so you know it must be true. (more…)


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Transitions are just plain challenging.

Change is:

Going to Happen


Hoped For






“E.”….. ALL  the ABOVE!

What to do?

Many focus on the CHANGE and neglect the TRANSITION that has to occur to make the change happen.

The first steps?

  1. Realize that transition is needed.  It’s a process to incorporate the change into where you are now to create where you want to be.
  2. Create a mental link from what you want to happen to what you are doing now.   ‘Gotta know why before you try.’
  3. Map out the “Baby Steps” you need each day to support your change.
  4. Connect with a partner. Tell that person what you want to focus on – create self accountability to propel yourself forward.

It’s not easy, but you can do it.

Join Mary DeMuth, Lauraine Snelling and Holley Gerth as they talk about transitions from their perspectives. Gain  new insights and energy to address your own.


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Ever Feel Like This??

Ever wonder how you got so twisted up, paralyzed in your current role, position, or profession that it seems like no moves are possible?

Trapped.  No where to go. Wanting to run away, but knowing you can’t.

It happens.   But what to do about it?


Recognize that  it’s temporary. No need to panic. If you were able to get ” into the box” you can get out.


Reach out to someone that can provide a new and fresh perspective. Trusted adviser, mentor, professional coach.


You don’t have to catapult out in one giant, exhausting leap. It takes several moves to tangle-up in a box, usually several to get out.

People are  increasingly declaring a desire to change: jobs, industries, migrate from high tech to non-profit.  They want their contributions to matter, to make a difference.

Then, anxiety descends. Fear grips. Dark nagging voices start with a whisper and increase in volume and frequency.

Under the guise of being practical and logical, nasty, subtle, fear-induced phrases continue to swell and twist each contortion into another compressing, mind numbing stance. The sensible, reasonable “Buts”…


“I’m too old to switch. It’s too late.”

“I don’t have the right degree.”

“The economy is still too weak.”

Don’t listen to the” Buts”.

Review and update your resume  for where you want to go.

Re-kindle your network.

Trust your heart .

Focus on what you can do  –  it will shift your perspective.

Create a step-by-step plan that is doable and not overwhelming.

Share your plan with someone you trust to gain feedback and confidence.

Let go of the fear – take the first step out.

You can do it.