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It’s Not Easy Being Green… You ever notice that there's a lot of pressure to be, well - something? Be better, be the best, top of the class, stack ranked #1, be visible, be appreciated Or to get something? Get promoted, get a job, get a better job,...

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Transitions are just plain challenging. Change is: Going to Happen Happened Hoped For Desired Dreaded Avoided Welcomed Refreshing. "E."..... ALL  the ABOVE! What to do? Many focus on the CHANGE and neglect the TRANSITION that has to occur to make the change happen....

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How Did THIS Happen? Now what??? Ever Feel Like This?? Ever wonder how you got so twisted up, paralyzed in your current role, position, or profession that it seems like no moves are possible? Trapped.  No where to go. Wanting to run away, but knowing you can't. It...

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