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Change: A Broccoli Eating Contest?
May 18, 2012

Sometimes there are things in my business I don’t want to do. You know what I mean? If you’re a procrastinator (like I am) it’s those tasks you save for last in case you really do run out of time and won’t have to deal with them. For me, it’s the ones that require focused quiet time and zero interaction with anyone else. Like documentation, accounting, paperwork. Yuck.

I look for a way out. I start to think – Hey, I’m creative, I’m an entrepreneur. I bet I can find someone to delegate this to. I look around to see who’s there only to end up pointing at my own chest.

Once I tried to farm out a particularly distasteful task to a grumpy looking woman peering at me in the bathroom mirror. She just shook her head and gave me one of her disapproving, thin-lipped smiles. It didn’t work. I even tried to catch the eyes of what appeared to be a team of people in the corner of the mirror – at the seam, but they were too wiggly. Pointless to get them to take anything.

Broccoli motivator for changeSo! I’m trying something new. Coach myself like I would you. Influence myself to re-frame the issue and tackle it. Sounds easy you say? Not for a well practiced procrastinator. I have to link this to something. Something that will change my mind and behavior. I think I found it. Broccoli.

I’ve decided that grappling with unpleasant tasks is like eating broccoli. My dad told me years ago, it’s the only veggie a person can solely live on. While I was disappointed that chocolate didn’t have these same characteristics, it’s a good factoid to know about the itty-bitty trees on my plate.

I actually like these little crowns as green veggies go, so this might work. I invite you to try it with me. Who knows? Maybe this will help you too.

Step 1 –  I only have to do 20% of this task in my day so the other 80% is really awesome.

Just like, I only have to eat 1 cup of broccoli to get three phytonutrients (the words all begin with the first syllable of gluco and I can’t pronounce any of them) that work together in a unique way to aid the body in detoxification. If you want to see the real words and true facts. Check out The World’s Healthiest Foods and their blog post on Broccoli.

I saw it on the internet, so you know it must be true.

Step 2 –  I can set my task up as a Game.

I can set a timer and see if I can get it all done before the buzzer. I will keep score each day and see if I can improve my time. Like a Broccoli Eating Contest. I don’t think the  idea of a Broccoli Eating contest has actually taken off, but when it does this gal has figured out an implementation method when everyone is ready.

Broccoli eating contest

photo by Todd Vanderlin of Todd Vanderlin Designs

Step 3 – I can use the technique of Deliberate Practice.

One of  the ‘”Vitalsmarts guys”, David Maxfield has a wonderful blog post and and video clip of  Don “Moses” Lerman demonstrating the concept of Deliberate Practice – “If you really want to improve at something, focus on the hardest parts.”

If you really want to change like I do,check out David Maxfield’s post on Deliberate Practice  and you can also hear from an expert, Don Lerman about what the Meat Sweats are really all about. READ THIS. Worth the time and will also make you smile.

If you are ready to dive deeper, check out the book, Influencer: the Power to Change Anything, by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler

And after I try this? I plan to march myself back to the bathroom mirror, stick my tongue out at that grumpy lady, and in my best big girl voice say, “I don’t need you after all.  It’s done!

Let me know what works for you! Good Luck!




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