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It’s Not Easy Being Green…
June 20, 2012

You ever notice that there’s a lot of pressure to be, well – something?

Be better, be the best, top of the class, stack ranked #1, be visible, be appreciated

Or to get something?

Get promoted, get a job, get a better job, get a better commute, get noticed!

For today, what if you take a minute to just be grateful that you are YOU? What if just for today, you take a rest – a time out from all the “being” and “getting” to be comfortable in your own skin?  Even if green and not so easy as Kermit says.. Will you take a moment to rest in knowing YOU:

Are Skilled,


Make a difference to people around you – maybe in ways you don’t even notice.

Many times the biggest gift we give others is the gift of being ordinary and letting others be ordinary along side with us.

Can you join Kermit and me for a few minutes of resting and comfort in – well being green?

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