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The Romper Room Effect

In 1952, a new "kiddie learning show" show was launched - Romper Room.  Syndicated across the country and shown in England, Ireland, Japan and Australia, the show provided a much needed 'time out' for weary parents as their children sat, eyes glued to the TV.  The...

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Kenny for President

Kenny, age 10, provides insights into some early definitions of leadership. His poster makes me chuckle.  As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look. He pretty accurately captures what so many do when setting  out on a leadership path....

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Four walls (room) - to protect what's in and keep out - well, what's out. Wailing Wall - a place to seek, mourn, and pray. Great wall of China - way to define large borders. THE WALL - of Fenway Park - a place to target when batting it up with the Boston Red Soxs We...

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Booger Flick’n Time

The following is rated PG, for ‘Potentially Gross'. Reader discretion advised. Dominick, age 3, lined up with the other children for pre-school, morning recess. A teacher supervising the process noticed that Dominick seemed to be putting some kind of foreign object...

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